The header at the top of the page should have the ORNL logo displayed in the upper left hand corner. The “two-line stacked” version of the logo is preferred. You can find this and other, alternate logos on the Logo page.

It is okay to hide the ORNL logo on the mobile view.

Navigation should be handled on a section just below the top bar.

Here is an example of a possible header:

In place of the “Generic Logo” you could have a call to action button, a search bar, or other non-navigational elements.


The footer should contain the UT-Batelle logo and the Department of Energy Logo.

In addition, the Privacy, Accessibility, and Nondiscrimination links should be there as well.

A bar containing the line “Oak Ridge National Laboratory is managed by UT-Batelle for the Department of Energy is recommended for the area just above the actual footer.

footer example


Every site needs to have a link to contact someone regarding the site somewhere. The link can be in the header, the footer, a sidebar, etc.

Register your site

Once your site is complete, send a request to Web Services and the site will be registered for you.


The last step is to make sure that your site meets SBMS standards.